Trade Application

Welcome to the Trade Zone

Welcome to the Trade Zone for Tonic Studios USA Inc.  If you already have a trade account you can login to access your discounts and trade only pages.  Just clikc 'Login' at the top left of the page.  Its that easy!

If you are new to Tonic then we need to ask some question and verify you are eligible for trade pricing before we approve your account.  Most of what we need is asked in the link below.

STEP 1: Fill out the form below.

STEP 2: We will contact you shortly with any follow up questions.

STEP 3: Once approved you will be sent your login details


Apply for a trade account today - it's easy and quick.  We may need to contact you to ask you some more questions so please make sure the contact details are correct.


Its easy, either click ‘login’ at the top left of the page or login here:

Before you can have an account that will show the trade pricing we need to approve you as a retail customer.  If you click the ‘Start Trade Application’ button on this page:

It will take you through the first steps of what we need.  Please make sure this is correct so we can contact you on the completion of your account.  Once the form is complete a member of the team will be in contact to complete the setup.

If you have already done this and its been a few days please use the contact us button so we can chase your application.

If you care logged in you should see the correct pricing.  If you don’t it means you have either set up a regular account or we have not connected it properly on the back end of the site to allow you in.  If you have any issues please use the contact us page so we can resolve the issue.

We have added a bulk order screen where you can add just line item detail to add items to your cart.